The rise and rise of sustainability reporting

It can sometimes seem as if we live in a throwaway world. We all want the latest gadget, the newest model, and the old one is discarded. Anything that breaks is simply replaced. Unlike our grandparents, we don’t take things to be repaired, because it is not economically viable. But at the same time, there

It’s still about skills

A recent survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that 75% of companies surveyed were already exploring or using the Internet of Things (IoT). But they also reported that a shortage of skills was the biggest obstacle to being able to exploit the IoT. What exactly are these skills that seem to be in short supply?

Social business comes of age

It seems that social media management is finally coming of age in the business world. No more the gawky teenager, its operation and measurement is increasingly sophisticated. What’s more, it is starting to generate real value for the businesses that use it effectively. The source of this insight is the 2014 MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte global

Social lessons from the leaders

There is plenty of speculation about how companies ‘should be’ or ‘ought to be’ using social media, so it’s good to find that Harvard Business Review have brought everyone back down earth by looking at the current situation and companies’ plans for the future. A recent report The new conversation: taking social media from talk to

Flexible sourcing

Flexible sourcing has been enjoying increasing attention from business leaders. From the early days of outsourcing, to near-shoring, where and how to best get work done continues to vex. Cost is no longer the primary driver, and the race for talent now picks up pace again. Ten years ago, ‘working from home’ was still a