Social media in the hiring process

Social media goes way beyond Facebook, and its effective use is helping companies around the world to find the right people to hire. Here is our pick of the 10 things that hiring managers need to know about using social media to improve the hiring process. The hiring process is a two-way street. It may seem

Using social media for employer branding

Social media is changing the way that we operate, both at work and at home. Organic use of social media can be hugely effective in enhancing your ‘employer brand’. But it needs to be done right if it is to create the right results, including better search traffic and attracting great talent. So what do

From dashboard to storyboard

Dashboards represent concepts and management tools, and the idea is one  we revisit from time to time, because it’s so important to find ways of presenting your data that explain it and lead to action. We’ve also found that a picture tells a thousand words, and help persuade in a more compelling manner.   Here, we bring together

The coming reputation dashboard

There are few of us who would disagree that the online engagements have profoundly changed the way we conduct business. Perhaps one of the biggest changes is the rise of collaborative consumption, the way in which technology is being used to match ‘haves’ with ‘wants’. Of course this has been happening for years, and you

How does your dashboard glow?

The use of dashboards is a topic which we visit and revisit from time to time. As technology changes and new tools become available, dashboards can become more sophisticated and reflect the organisational situation more accurately, and even in real-time. The full scope Many people use the words ‘dashboard’ and ‘scorecard’ interchangeably, to mean something

The line-of-sight journey

Translating firm goals into tangible results requires that employees not only comprehend the organization’s strategy, but also understand what actions are aligned with realizing that strategy. Conversely, solving problems require that managers and leaders have clarity right across the process, from prospect to cash, with employees across the value links. An important component of attaining

Book review: The Naked Corporation

As an analyst interpreting trends in the IT industry, corporate opacity was a common challenge I had to deal with in the line of day to day research. Opacity in terms of one group not knowing what the other team was doing, prioritizing, promoting or otherwise concerned about and often a selective presentation of the