Social at work – 2015 trends

There is no question that social networking has changed the way that we communicate with our friends. Since the foundation of the earliest social network, Friends Reunited, back in 2000, the social media world has exploded. We’ve become social network junkies, sending 58 million tweets worldwide every day, around half of those from mobile phones.

Research review: Will asset intelligence drive the next crushing wave of information overload?

In a reflective report, Deloitte Consulting focuses corporate attention on the subject of ‘asset intelligence’. Not to be confused with asset management or artificial intelligence, this is a report that positions asset intelligence as the ‘new frontline’ in the battle for customer intimacy and competitive advantage. Put simply, the report, “The rise of asset intelligence: moving business

It’s not the age, it’s the mileage

Enterprises across the size and vertical segment spectrum are struggling to balance the need for alignment, control, compliance and accountability with clamours for collaboration, socialization, mobility and transparency. But among senior business managers there is diversity in digital comfort. While the vast majority of workforce in their 20s and 30s are likely to embrace all

The importance of tribes

We all form tribes. It’s a natural human condition, and it’s been going on for millennia, as far as we can gather. You’re probably a member of several tribes: your group of friends, your department at work, maybe a sports club, quite possibly others as well. So what? Well, management consultant David Logan has been