Disrupting IT

An excerpt of a post published elsewhere. A link to the original is at the bottom of this excerpt. Disruption. It’s what SouthWest Airlines and EasyJet have done to the staid, formal airline industry. It’s what Formule 1 has done to the travel-lodge/hotel trade in Europe. It’s basically become a synonym for ‘changed beyond recognition,

In pursuit of perspective: Women’s Directorship Programme

Historically, there have always been far fewer women than men in boardrooms, and a lot of hand-wringing whenever new statistics were published, but no real action. But, perhaps in the wake of the financial crisis, the penny seems to have dropped. Companies and commentators alike seem to agree that women in boardrooms are not just

Age of Unreason

Change is not what it used to be. One of the more enduring management books is The Age of Unreason, by Charles Handy. It discusses the organization of the future and the importance of “upside – down thinking”. There are many issues in this book that would be excellent topics for discussion; we have chosen to focus