Managing the remote workforce

As more and more companies are embracing remote working, managers are finding that they need to acquire new skills to manage remote workers effectively and support collaboration at a distance. Remote workers need to be flexible, self-disciplined, transparent and good communicators, but what skills do managers need in this new remote world? Much of the

The coming reputation dashboard

There are few of us who would disagree that the online engagements have profoundly changed the way we conduct business. Perhaps one of the biggest changes is the rise of collaborative consumption, the way in which technology is being used to match ‘haves’ with ‘wants’. Of course this has been happening for years, and you

Why crowdsourcing became mainstream

One of the most astonishing changes in ways of working that companies need to understand and tap into is crowdsourcing. This represents a huge change, from having employees sitting in your offices, to using a resource that includes anyone with a computer connected to the internet. And this resource isn’t just flexible, with huge expertise.

Digital partnerships: Driving CIO-CMO alignment

As more and more people engage with their suppliers in the digital, rather than the physical world, companies are finding digital marketing strategies increasingly important. And it follows that marketers and IT need to work together to deliver these, so it’s interesting to find a report from the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), 1+1 = 3:

The future of work

Let’s pause a moment to consider the way that ‘work’ as we know it is changing. Just think about it. The world of work has changed massively over the last 10 to 15 years, with the advent of effective remote working, globalisation of businesses and workforce, and huge changes in technology. But what might the

Disrupting the start-up landscape

It seems hardly a day goes by without some new technology start-up being lauded as ‘the next Facebook’. But is that just perception, or is the world of tech start-ups really changing? The Economist magazine has published a focus report on the issue, which provides plenty of food for thought. It has noticed an astonishingly proliferation of

How does your dashboard glow?

The use of dashboards is a topic which we visit and revisit from time to time. As technology changes and new tools become available, dashboards can become more sophisticated and reflect the organisational situation more accurately, and even in real-time. The full scope Many people use the words ‘dashboard’ and ‘scorecard’ interchangeably, to mean something

Managing employees in a changing world

The changes to resourcing over the last few years have led to some interesting challenges for organisations. One of the most interesting is the effect on the HR function. KPMG has published a report called Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World that sets out some of the challenges and opportunities for the future, drawing

Research review: Will asset intelligence drive the next crushing wave of information overload?

In a reflective report, Deloitte Consulting focuses corporate attention on the subject of ‘asset intelligence’. Not to be confused with asset management or artificial intelligence, this is a report that positions asset intelligence as the ‘new frontline’ in the battle for customer intimacy and competitive advantage. Put simply, the report, “The rise of asset intelligence: moving business