The digital hunter-gatherer

People often comment on how much the world has changed in the last ten, or 50, or 100 years. But at the recent IP Expo, Ade McCormack, who describes himself as a digital anthroeconomist, argued that instead, we should look at the whole of humanity’s evolutionary journey. He suggested that by seeking this perspective, we

Disrupting IT

An excerpt of a post published elsewhere. A link to the original is at the bottom of this excerpt. Disruption. It’s what SouthWest Airlines and EasyJet have done to the staid, formal airline industry. It’s what Formule 1 has done to the travel-lodge/hotel trade in Europe. It’s basically become a synonym for ‘changed beyond recognition,

Social co-existence: innovation and philantrohy

We’ve written before about start-ups, and more recently about Cisco’s Entrepreneurs in Residence programme, which provides a six-month intensive start-up boost. Now Salesforce Ventures, the venture capital arm of, has announced its own support for innovation and start-ups. It’s a fund of $100 million which will be available to companies building innovative mobile apps

The rise and rise of the Chief Data Officer

You know there’s something important going on when a phrase appears with initial capitals. Like ‘Big Data’, for instance. Big Data, and the analytics that go with it, are providing companies with more and more information about their customers: their likes and dislikes, their behaviours, and their preferences. And as a result, companies can interact

From dashboard to storyboard

Dashboards represent concepts and management tools, and the idea is one  we revisit from time to time, because it’s so important to find ways of presenting your data that explain it and lead to action. We’ve also found that a picture tells a thousand words, and help persuade in a more compelling manner.   Here, we bring together

In pursuit of perspective: Women’s Directorship Programme

Historically, there have always been far fewer women than men in boardrooms, and a lot of hand-wringing whenever new statistics were published, but no real action. But, perhaps in the wake of the financial crisis, the penny seems to have dropped. Companies and commentators alike seem to agree that women in boardrooms are not just

Positioning brands in the collaborative economy

We have written before about the rise of the collaborative economy and the importance of reputation. Unlike traditional economies, with their buying and selling of goods and services, this new economy is all about the sharing of experiences. And that means personalised and unique experiences. Those committed to collaborative consumption would rather stay at a stranger’s

Social lessons from the leaders

There is plenty of speculation about how companies ‘should be’ or ‘ought to be’ using social media, so it’s good to find that Harvard Business Review have brought everyone back down earth by looking at the current situation and companies’ plans for the future. A recent report The new conversation: taking social media from talk to

Talent, the globalising workforce and telework

It is clear we are all working remotely more often. Better access to broadband, cloud services and changing management practices are all leading to a much more flexible working environment for millions of professionals. However, every now and then, the debate is sparked afresh. Consider then these two statements by well respected CEOs: Matt Mullenweg