The coming human:AI partnerships

Wherever you look, it seems that someone is talking up artificial intelligence (AI), or worrying about the threats that we face as a result of its introduction. Everywhere, however, there are different opinions, and no real picture of any kind of overall view. Silicon chip technology designer ARM saw the same problem, and the company

The role of loyalty schemes in customer experience

Customer loyalty schemes have come a long way since their early days, back in the 1890s(!) with Green Stamps, stamps given in return for purchases that could be exchanged for household goods. But modern loyalty schemes, whether card, mobile or online, have quite a lot in common with their predecessors, especially in their primary purpose.

The rise and rise of sustainability reporting

It can sometimes seem as if we live in a throwaway world. We all want the latest gadget, the newest model, and the old one is discarded. Anything that breaks is simply replaced. Unlike our grandparents, we don’t take things to be repaired, because it is not economically viable. But at the same time, there

Social tools are re-shaping the organisation

It is logical to think that social tools might benefit an organisation. After all, they should improve collaboration and communication. But it’s one thing to believe it might be the case, and quite another to have evidence, so it’s good to read a report from McKinsey setting out a clear case that social tools are

It’s still about skills

A recent survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that 75% of companies surveyed were already exploring or using the Internet of Things (IoT). But they also reported that a shortage of skills was the biggest obstacle to being able to exploit the IoT. What exactly are these skills that seem to be in short supply?

High performance transformation with Scrum

The Scrum process is more commonly known as a software development approach that is designed to be agile, and enable response to changes in customer requirements. In the past 4 years of coaching 320 professionals, managers and leaders, we have seen Scrum techniques used outside software development. Our learners have been part of their organisations’ digital

Social media in the hiring process

Social media goes way beyond Facebook, and its effective use is helping companies around the world to find the right people to hire. Here is our pick of the 10 things that hiring managers need to know about using social media to improve the hiring process. The hiring process is a two-way street. It may seem

Using social media for employer branding

Social media is changing the way that we operate, both at work and at home. Organic use of social media can be hugely effective in enhancing your ‘employer brand’. But it needs to be done right if it is to create the right results, including better search traffic and attracting great talent. So what do

Social at work – 2015 trends

There is no question that social networking has changed the way that we communicate with our friends. Since the foundation of the earliest social network, Friends Reunited, back in 2000, the social media world has exploded. We’ve become social network junkies, sending 58 million tweets worldwide every day, around half of those from mobile phones.

Social business comes of age

It seems that social media management is finally coming of age in the business world. No more the gawky teenager, its operation and measurement is increasingly sophisticated. What’s more, it is starting to generate real value for the businesses that use it effectively. The source of this insight is the 2014 MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte global